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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to class?

MANDATORY - A POSITIVE ATTITUDE OPTIONAL - You may bring your personal firearm, which will be checked and rendered safe prior to the start of class.

What do I wear?

For the range portion, please wear a long sleeved shirt, long pants & closed toe shoes. This is due to gun residue at the range. Additonally, it is a requirement to have eye protection and ear protection. The range will most likely have ear protection and eye protection for sell. We require double ear protection, which is the soft ear plugs and hard ear protection. Soft ear protection alone is not acceptable. There is no specific dresscode for the classroom portion. We request that it is respectable attire. Offensive attire is subject to dismissal from the course without refund.

What is provided?

We provide the following: Instruction Light Refreshments Pen and Paper Firarms Safety Refence Book Range Instruction

What are the qualifications of my instructor?

In addition to passion, your instructor has several years of experience. You will receive exceptional value with your TGFT experience. Certified National Rifle Association (NRA) Pistol Instructor Certified Maryland State Qualified Handgun Instructor - Approved by Maryland State Police United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Certified Instructor Eight (8) years as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer - Senior Rank the last three (3) of those years Former Federal Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Former Certified Field Training Officer (FTO) Former Law Enforcement Honor Guard Member 2007 Graduate of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) FLETC Law Enforcement Pistol EXPERT & Received Top Shooter Award Completed the Firearms Instructor Development Course (US Gov.) 2007 Completed GLOCK Professional Instructors Workshop Completed GLOCK Professional Armorers Course Private Security Industry CERTIFICATION COMING SOON North Carolina Laws Governing Concealed Handgun and Use of Deadly Force Course Instructor (For North Carolina Residents)

How do range fees work?

For all courses, the customer is responsible for actual range fees and ammunition.

How does ammunition work?

For all courses, the customer is responsible for actual range fees and ammunition. Most ranges sell targets and ammunition.

What forms of payment do you accept?

TGFT accepts the following forms of payment: Cash Credit Certified Check Money Orders Personal Checks are NOT accepted. No exceptions

What is the payment policy?

Unfortunately, due to previous last-minute cancellations, full payment is due before TGFT will confirm your course. We will not reserve your time without payment. Should you need to cancel your class, please notify us within 72 hours of the start time. TGFT Course(s) Policy:TGFT Course(s) Cancellation Policy:*If you cancel at least 72 hours in advance of your start time, we will gladly reschedule you to a later date or refund your money without penalty. *If you cancel within 72 hours of your start time, with no reschedule date, you forfeit your payment. NRA Basic Pistol Course Policy:
The same rules apply as the TGFT Virginia course, with the addition that any refunds issued will decrease by the amount TGFT paid for supplies. The cut-off time is estimated 2.5 weeks prior to the start of instruction. Proceeding through the registration process of any course, signifies your concurrence with these payment and cancellation policies.

Where is training held?

Our public courses are held at a private residence in Chantilly, VA, for the classroom portion of the course. The area is structured as an actual classroom, with props for dry fire practice using SIRT inert pistols. We provide the specific address upon successful registration of your course, within 48 hours of the course starting. Absolutely no live ammunition is allowed in class. After the classroom portion, we go to the range for the shooting portion. Additionally, TGFT TRAVELS! We are also a mobile company and provide private training with a tiered price system. With private training, we determine the best location with our customers, come to them, and set up as if we were in the classroom. This is a great option for anyone wanting more privacy.

What are Allies in the Field?

Allies in the Field is a partnersip where we partner with allies to host courses. We provide a percentage for each course. Please contact us if you are interested.

What are the differences between the courses offfered by TGFT?

Personal Range Coaching: Many times, people already own a firearm, or have taken a course for concealed carry, but need a refresher on the Fundamentals of Marksmanship. This appointment is a one-on-one coaching session at the range, to refresh knowledge of sight alignment, sight picture, and breathing. TGFT Concealed Carry Course Virginia: This is the custom course crafted by TGFT. It includes the combiniation of experience of the instructor's training from the NRA Certification, Federal Law Enforcement Training, Maryland Qualified Handgun Instruction, and many years of experience. Virginia is a shall issue state and recognizes this course for the concealed carry permit. The wait time for the certificate is minimal as we are able to register you and print your certificate immediately. TGFT Wear and Carry Course: This course meets the Maryland state requirements, for Maryland residents who want to apply for the Maryland Wear and Carry Permit. It includes range instruction to ensure you know how to properly handle a firearm. Not to be confused with the Handgun Qualification License (HQL) that allows a Maryland resident to purchase a firearm, if approved by the state of Maryland, the Maryland Wear and Carry Permit would allow Maryland residents to carry concealed. TGFT Handgun Qualification License Course: This course meets the Maryland state requirements, for Maryland residents who want to apply for the Maryland Hangun Qualification License (HQL). It includes range instruction to ensure you know how to properly handle a firearm. The HQL allows a Maryland resident to purchase a firearm only. NRA Basic Pistol Course: This is the National Riffle Association (NRA) nationally recognized basic pistol course. It is recognized by multiple states for concealed carry and recognized by the state of Maryland for the Handgun Qualification License (HQL) - issued by the Maryland State Police to purchase, rent or receive a regulated firearm. The instructor must register the student on the NRA website, as certificates are numbered. Additionally, the instructor must purchase supplies and must follow the class syllabus provided by the NRA. The wait time for registration and for holding the class is approximately 2.5 weeks, and registration must be paid in full prior to purchasing supplies. Once we purchase supplies, we can not offer a refund on the amount of the supplies. However, the remainder of the course cancellation policy remains in tact. TGFT teaches this course as prescribed, but will utilize opportunities to include instructor experience to enhance various subjects.

Why are your courses longer than the standard course?

Our courses are 8 hours as a maximum. Most courses take approximately 6 hours of instruction, and the other two hours are allowed for range time. We utilze a Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol, to enhance your experience. The SIRT is a state of the art, fully functional inert firarm, used during the fundamentals of marksmanship portion of the class. With an operating slide, barrel, and shooting functions, the SIRT utilizes lazers to pin-point the accuracy of each potential shot, and helps dertimine errors in grip. Additionally, with the instructor's extensive background we teach more than the basic standards required to qualify at the state level.

What is the structure of your course?

In both the CCW and HQL courses the stucture is as follows: Introductions Administrative Items Gun Safety Legalities which includes state gun laws and the application process for your CCW or HQL Firearm Components Ammunition Components Loading and Unloading a firearm Fundamentals of Marksmanship - tools to use to hit your target with accuracy Storage and Cleaning Visit to a local gun range

TGFT Health and Safety

TGFT requests that you are considerate of others and stay home if you are sick in any way, or if you have been exposed to anyone sick. For covid exposures, we ask that you contact us as quickly as possible so that we may reschedule or issue a refund in accordance with the payment policy. Your presence in class signifies your consent to a temperature check prior to entering class, your consent to wearing a mask, and your consent to practicing social distancing where applicable. Should you not agree to these safety measures, TGFT will gladly reschedule you to another class, or to issue a refund as per the payment policy. TGFT will also have wipes available to maintain a sanitary environment.

Group Classes - In home

With Covid-19, TGFT limits the numbers of attendees in one course. There are times when an entire family wants training. TGFT is mobile, and goes to the person's home to provide dedicated training to the group. We set up the room of choice as a classroom, to include projection of the course material. This seems to be a favorite so far! If you have multiple people and prefer in-home training, let us know! We visit the range after classroom instruction.

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