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Why Get Concealed Carry Insurance?

Real Story:

Here is a story about a USCCA member who protected himself, his family, and complete strangers, when two armed men tried to rob a barbershop.

Owning a firearm comes with serious responsibility. It is imperative to understand the applicable gun laws of your state and other states that you may visit. While some gun laws between states are similar, there are states that are not similar. A prime example is the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area (where TGFT is located). Although it is easy to cross all three areas within one hour, the gun laws for each are very different.


The numbers are increasing for people getting concealed carry permits. All fifty states have some method of allowing its citizens to legally carry a gun concealed. Some states, such as XYZ, don’t require permits – it is just assumed that it is legal to carry. Some states allow open carry. In some states, like XYZ that don't allow open carry, showing your gun as you reach for something that allows your clothes to reveal your handgun in a holster, could possibly get you arrested. Having to actually defend yourself by using your handgun, not only puts your life at risk due to the handgun aspect, but also because there is a legal aspect after the shooting...and even if you are found innocent of any Federal charges, you may have a Civil charge to consider. You need to make sure you are prepared for any self-defense laws.

Laws change without notice. And, sadly many stories end with people following the laws for self-defense, yet still financially devastated in court via a civil lawsuit. This is for people found innocent. If found guilty, or if you have an over-zealous prosecutor, you may find yourself in jail or worse.

USCCA insurance allows you to be prepared by providing concealed carry insurance that provides the legal teams to ensure you receive proper representation. Although there are several options, the services and coverage vary. USCCA covers many options that others do not.

Please protect yourself and your loved ones when you make the decision to carry a firearm, by purchasing Concealed Carry Insurance.

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